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      Empower Brand Value to Upgrade Enterprise Quality -- Ufly Start Brand Building Strategy
      2021/9/7 15:42:56

      On August 6, 2021, Guangzhou UflyInfo. Tech.co.,Ltd.(" Ufly"for short) ?and Lingxiu (China) Brand Consultant officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

      ?Luo Zhiyong, chairman of Ufly , and Yuan Qi, chairman of Lingxiu (China) Brand Consultants, attended the signing ceremony. Li Xi, chairman of Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce of Guangdong Province, Chairman of Run Du Shares, Wang Guoan, executive chairman of Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce of Guangdong Province, chairman of Hanhou Cosmetics, and other guests witnessed the ceremony.??

      Powerful Combination

      As a leader in positioning brand design, Lingxiu (China) Brand Consultant has been focusing on brand positioning strategy and visual landing for 20 years, shaping language nail and visual hammer for the brand, touching customers with a word and remembering the brand in an instant. ?It adheres to the perfect integration of brand language nail and visual hammer, to empower enterprises and products.

      The agreement between Ufly and Lingxiu,?is a?powerful combination to empower to?Chinese intelligent inspection?industry, which will help Ufly strengthen the development of?brand, strategy of science and technology?and capital. With a long-term strategic cooperation, Ufly is expecting to be the leading enterprise?for the Chinese intelligent?inspection industry?.

      Luo Zhiyong, founder and CEO of Ufly

      Yuan Qi, chairman of Lingxiu (China) Brand Consultant

      Li Xi (left), president of Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce of Guangdong Province, attended the signing ceremony and exchanged with Luo Zhiyong, chairman of Ufly.

      Signing luncheon

      To build a leading brand of intelligent inspection in China

      Ufly?focuses on the independent research and development for the intelligent inspection industry, and provides the overall solution, line operation and maintenance service and big data application service for the state Grid and 100+ Power Supply Bureau (company) affiliated to China Southern Power Grid.

      The UAV +multi-source data merge together with ?centralizing hardware and software system, developed by UFI technology, ??is the big data flow entrance?to?the 5G era. It has been successfully applied for the fields that need artificial?replacement, such as power grid inspection, and has a benchmark significance of the industrial application of?the 5G era.??

      Ufly, as the pioneer of intelligent inspection industry in the world, is leading the high-tech and highly?integrated industry?onto a high speed rail . It will play an empowered role as?"smart eyes+ data central?system??+ edged?computing?brain" , shows a huge future growth space, not only in the grid?industry ,?but also?in the?industries of?smart park?, wisdom?city, intelligence traffic, new energy projects and other large industries.

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